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The latest of our content protection solutions, this has been designed to address the piracy problem from both – the demand and the supply side.


Research shows that pirated copies of exclusive, and expensive, software programs are used by significantly large organizations. Thus causing immense loss of revenue to the software publisher.

By targeting the demand side of piracy, we help global software giants identify the potential customers and thus maximize sales.

MediaScan listens has the ability to log traffic on major P2Pnetworks to identify the IP addresses of all users on it. It also captures the amount of data send and received by each.

These IP addresses can then be used by MediaScan to identify the geo-locations and ISPs corresponding to each of these ISPs.


With the advent of ebook readers and smartphones, piracy of books has reached a new level. A book which has taken immense efforts, from the author and the publisher, to get a launch in the market can easily be found on popular pirate websites. Thus denying the rightful – the author and the publisher – their fair share of the revenues.

In a project, our key focus is to identify all forms of pirated content, with respect to a particular work of literature, whether it is a zipped file, a torrent, a pdf or text on an html page.

Media Type Attributes File Types


ISBN, Author, Type of work

PDF, html text, plain text


Publisher, version, category

ISO files, keygens, cracks, EXEs


We have developed a highly evolved strategy for protection of books and software on the internet. This enables us to address both, the supply side as well as the demand side of the piracy equation.

  • Supply side - Detection and removal of pirated copies, cracks and keygens from torrent and other file sharing platforms.

  • Demand side - Identification of internet users downloading pirated content.

Case Study


Ethics & Standards

Markscan adheres to the highest levels of ethical conduct in its dealings with government agencies during the course of enforcement on behalf of our clients. We, as a result of our self-imposed restraints, refrain from offering any form of obligations to either of the parties involved in the process. This ensures absolute transparency of operations and is hence a major differentiator for us in the market.

Result & Output


Infrastructure Project Management Firm

An internet search for the target was conducted at www.google.com. Information about the company was found on its website (Link and screenshot are in Annexure 1). It is a part of a group of companies. The target was established in 1996. It is into engineering, procurement and construction of various power transmission and distribution projects (sub-stations). It works on B2B (Business to Business) and B2G (Business to Government) transactions. The target carries out various projects for State Electricity Boards and other private sectors. To date, the target has installed two 33KV sub-stations at Karnal, Haryana and a 66 KV sub-station at Kathua, J&K. The target is also a part of the National e- Government Plan and have set-up 2000 Common Service Centers for rural India.

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