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Our content protection solutions provide broad based coverage to ensure minimized availability of pirated content.

Our research shows that most consumers (of pirated content) reach pirated content through search engines and social media. This prompted us to design our solutions to address both, the source of pirated content, as well as, these accessibility channels available to the user.

Content Type Media Type Example
Live Streams - Mips.tv, Janjua.tv
Archived Content Recorded stream Youtube, Dailymotion
Downloadable files Uploaded.net, Rapidgator
P2P/Torrents Kickass, Isohunt
IPTV - Chitram, Jadoo
Search Results - Google, Yahoo
Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, vk.com

Live Streams

Pirated linear feeds of content over the internet or live streams have been a major pain area for content owners, especially sports and news channels. MarkScan team, given its vast experience in such projects, develops communication channels with several popular streaming servers prior to the act of piracy. These are selected basis their use for the specific genre of content. With the communication channel established, pirated live streams are reported and taken down with quick turn-arounds.

Archived content

One of the older content distribution forms, this is a major area of concern for film, music and general entertainment content owners. Sites hosting archived content make it available for consumers in the form of a stream, a downloadable file or through P2P. The websites found hosting such content range from legitimate user generated content platforms to highly resilient pirate sites hosted in obscure geographies making enforcement a challenging job. We have devised robust enforcement processes and our legal analysts continuously work on identifying communication channels to take down content from the most resilient servers.


This is a recent phenomenon observed in the piracy of television content. It comprises of a network that delivers pirated content straight to the consumer’s television. This is achieved through a custom built set top box that receives data from specially assigned content servers hosted on the internet. This allows them to deliver pirated content to global audience in real time, and that without paying a penny to the rightful owner of the content. MarkScan has made significant investments and carried out extensive research to develop strategies address pirated IPTV broadcasts.

Search Results

Most users on the internet find it easier to search for content on a search engine rather than going directly to a website. This is equally applicable for pirated content. Internet search is the single biggest source of traffic for sites hosting pirated content. In order to secure higher listings in popular search engines, they have been observed creating the webpages days before the availability of the actual content. As an essential part of our content protection strategy, we notify major search engines, and ensure removal, of all URLs hosting pirated content. Thus impairing the end-user accessibility of pirated content.

Social Media

Social media plays a pivotal role in the distribution of pirated content over the internet. While making users, that browse the internet to socialize, aware of the availability of latest pirated content, it also helps pirate sites gain higher search rankings by associating them with specific search strings. MarkScan keeps a close watch on all major search engines and ensures that social media posts with pirated content get removed asap.


Globally, internet penetration has grown exponentially, primarily, due to improved internet connectivity in third world countries. Increasing affordability of high-end smartphones has also added significantly to these numbers.

In today’s age, mobile is the preferred platform for distribution for consumption of pirated content. New mobile apps and designed-for-mobile websites appear every day that offer unhindered access to pirated content. Our digital content protection solutions regularly monitor major app stores and apps for availability of pirated content.

App Stores Monitored


At MarkScan, every project is a new learning. We have accumulated an enviable wealth of subject matter knowledge. Each of the findings below represent several hours of primary research.

Intermediary liability in cases of online copyright infringement

Intermediaries Involved & %age Incidents Context of Cases & their Description

Liaison with international law enforcement

MarkScan has repeatedly set new benchmarks in enforcement of our clients' copyrights. This includes several referrals to law enforcement agencies in the geographies where pirated content is hosted. Below are two of these complaints:

Pirate website databases

By virtue of our work in this domain and our unique position, we have been able to collate extensive data on pirate websites. This includes:

  • Database of ~350k pirate websites
  • This includes over 4000 websites dedicated to pirated music and over 20,000 websites for pirated movies
  • Multiple ccTLD variants of known pirate sites
  • Contact details for each of these websites including registrant, registrar, hosts ans ISPs

Collection of court admissible evidence

MarkScan was directly responsible for securing an injunction of one of our client to protect their rights in a major sporting event. The said court order can be viewed below.

Setting Standards

The Bangladesh office of MarkScan has, primarily, been set up based on client feedback with respect to the dissatisfactory services experienced in response to their requirements in Bangladesh. We strive to maintain and replicate the same high operational and ethical standards that we maintain in India.

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