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Marketplace is a physical or logical location where sellers meet buyers. These can be categorized in several ways e.g. Business to business, Business to Customer, online and offline etc. For purposes of content protection, we have categorized them as online and offline. Online marketplace is one where sellers meet buyers on an internet website or a mobile app e.g. Ebay, Snapdeal, etc. Most of the marketplace owners are large corporations and are hence sensitive towards the breach of a brand owner’s IPR and its repercussions. However, by design, the marketplace owners have little control over the actual products being sold to the consumer. This poses a high degree of risk in terms of counterfeit goods being sold to the end users. We have designed a comprehensive framework of practices, both proactive as well as reactive, to mitigate these risks.

Offline marketplace is a physical locality where independent sellers rent and/or own shops. Some of these are known for specific types of goods. Such marketplaces may or may not be restricted to a single physical premise, such as a building, or an owner. Surveys to these market places require a high degree of understanding of the marketplace. Sensitivity is expected towards the nature of business as a single sign indicating blowing the cover of a surveyor can compromise the objective of the project. Our extensive experience in IP law as well as investigations with an in-depth understanding of all facets of protection & enforcement uniquely positions us to be best suited for surveying and investigating these marketplaces. Our team is is thoroughly trained by IP professionals/ lawyers on a continuous basis and kept abreast of latest issues and practices.

The staff is trained to derive precise & pertinent information and is backed by robust informants and support/network of the law enforcement fraternity. Gathered information is processed by dedicated Analysts who follow a structured & data driven approach to provide meaningful findings.

Our technical teams, legal analysts and enforcement experts work together in closely knit teams to deliver highly efficient content protection campaigns.


MarkScan has a rich experiencing in protecting all forms of IPR in the physical and virtual marketplaces. Some of our work has been show cased below.

Worktype Brand Product

Internet survey


Coffee vending machine


Eyeconic Kajal




Backpacks, duffle bags, luggage

Desktop research

6 Month Smiles




Abbott Laboratories




In addition to the above, MarkScan has has facilitated several criminal enforcement actions, in close co-ordination with law enforcement bodies. This was done on the respective brand owners' behalf.

Ethics & Standards

Markscan adheres to the highest levels of ethical conduct in its dealings with government agencies during the course of enforcement on behalf of our clients. We, as a result of our self-imposed restraints, refrain from offering any form of obligations to either of the parties involved in the process. This ensures absolute transparency of operations and is hence a major differentiator for us in the market.

Result & Output


Infrastructure Project Management Firm

An internet search for the target was conducted at www.google.com. Information about the company was found on its website (Link and screenshot are in Annexure 1). It is a part of a group of companies. The target was established in 1996. It is into engineering, procurement and construction of various power transmission and distribution projects (sub-stations). It works on B2B (Business to Business) and B2G (Business to Government) transactions. The target carries out various projects for State Electricity Boards and other private sectors. To date, the target has installed two 33KV sub-stations at Karnal, Haryana and a 66 KV sub-station at Kathua, J&K. The target is also a part of the National e- Government Plan and have set-up 2000 Common Service Centers for rural India.

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