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With years of research and project management experience, MarkScan has crafted specialized a solution to control the online piracy of movies. This broad, all encompassing approach is customized according to the specific requirements of the project and the client.

The solution has been designed to provide scalability without compromising the speed and accuracy of the project. It ensures that the results are consistent irrespective of the language, genre or scale of the film.

Platform Coverage

Thanks to MediaScan, we have the capability to identify infringing content across the internet as well as most of the popular mobile application stores. Our systems can search for and detect torrents, streaming media as well as downloadable content alike. Additionally, it also keeps a track of the chain of infringing pages that enable the user to reach pirated content. Thus helping us reduce end-user access to pirated content.

Project Strategy

We have devised clear strategies that have stood the test of time in exceeding customer expectations. Thanks to our automated platform, we have the flexibility to structure the project to suit specific client requirements. Below table is indicative of our anti-piracy strategy for different types of films.

Production Type Antipiracy Strategy Focus Areas

Big budget/highly anticipated title

  • High intensity exercise

  • 6 weeks or longer duration

Torrents, cyber-lockers, user generated streaming content, blogs,social media

Moderate budget title

  • Medium intensity exercise

  • ~4 weeks duration

Torrents, cyber-lockers, user generated streaming content, blogs

To ensure quick takedowns, as a standard feature, our notification process is managed by MediaScan which is designed to choose the quickest takedown route based on historical data.


To further enhance our solutions and to strive for continuous improvement, we have developed a framework to assess our own performance. Below is a high level representative of the performance measurement framework.

Goal Objective Measure of effectiveness

Removal of pirated content

Detection of pirated content

Exhaustiveness of piracy scan

Takedown of pirated content

Effectiveness and speed

Reduce availability of pirated content

Removal of search results leading to pirated content

Ease of availability of pirated content

We have proved, project after project, the effectiveness of our methodologies by delivering the widest platform coverage topped by lightning fast takedowns.

Case Study

MarkScan is a leading provider of content protection solutions for Movies on the internet. We have and continue to work with some of the largest film production studios and associations from across the globe.

Setting Standards

The Bangladesh office of MarkScan has, primarily, been set up based on client feedback with respect to the dissatisfactory services experienced in response to their requirements in Bangladesh. We strive to maintain and replicate the same high operational and ethical standards that we maintain in India.

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