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The television industry, in today’s age, controls the maximum share of media content. This makes it imperative for the rights holders to optimize the protection and enforcement effort towards television properties.

Television, by design, is the most diverse platform within the media and entertainment sector. Television broadcasters own the rights to varied types of content – from soap operas that produce 30 minutes of new content per property everyday to live sports that attract a magnanimous number of viewership within a few hours.

Standard content protection solutions, as proven by time, are not enough to provide the levels of protection required by television content owners. This prompted MarkScan to develop tailor-made solutions for television content owners.

Keeping the above premise in mind, we have designed our television content protection solutions to address the content protection needs of the following content types:

  • GEC

  • Regional content

  • Live sports

  • On-demand

With the increasing number of international shows being launched in India, we proactively and successfully developed strategies to offer optimal protection to such properties. This is worth mentioning as the requirements include working parallel with different content protection companies that work on behalf of other right owners, in different geographies and ensuring that takedown only effects the pirated content focused for the client’s specific demographic.

Our comprehensive approach towards television projects can be assessed by the representative framework we follow for live sports.

Anti Piracy Strategy - Live Sports


Caution Notices

Sending advance caution notices to an exhaustive list of sites that are expected to indulge in piracy of the event. In our experience such notifications help by a) getting instant cooperation, b) acquiring direct takedown tools & c) avoiding delays due to standard escalation TATs

Landscape study

Short study to identify webpages that have been setup, indicating future availability of pirated content.

Event Duration

Fingerprint identification

Fingerprints of live streams are captured & used to kill STBs providing the linear feeds. This also helps in, a)reducing the TAT for takedown & b)takedown of several streaming sources available on the internet (as the same linear feed has been found responsible for several pirated streams)

Internet Enforcement

We follow a three pronged approach aimed at removing infringing pages from major search engines’ results & taking down the infringing pages (blogs, social media pages, etc.) as well as the source links (links to actual media content). To oversee this, we have in-house legal analysts specializing in internet enforcement. This has helped us in achieving significantly higher compliance ratios with quicker TATs

Case Study

MarkScan continuously works with some of the most high valued television content. We have a proven track record of delivering high quality results, month on month.

Ethics & Standards

Markscan adheres to the highest levels of ethical conduct in its dealings with government agencies during the course of enforcement on behalf of our clients. We, as a result of our self-imposed restraints, refrain from offering any form of obligations to either of the parties involved in the process. This ensures absolute transparency of operations and is hence a major differentiator for us in the market.

Result & Output


Infrastructure Project Management Firm

An internet search for the target was conducted at www.google.com. Information about the company was found on its website (Link and screenshot are in Annexure 1). It is a part of a group of companies. The target was established in 1996. It is into engineering, procurement and construction of various power transmission and distribution projects (sub-stations). It works on B2B (Business to Business) and B2G (Business to Government) transactions. The target carries out various projects for State Electricity Boards and other private sectors. To date, the target has installed two 33KV sub-stations at Karnal, Haryana and a 66 KV sub-station at Kathua, J&K. The target is also a part of the National e- Government Plan and have set-up 2000 Common Service Centers for rural India.

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