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Our proprietary automated tool, MediaScan, has been developed indigenously. It serves as the backbone of our operations – by tying in different aspects of operations into seamless processes and reducing human intervention by over 40 percent.

Patent Pending

We have invented a system that helps us track infringements and notifies the appropriated bodies seamlessly. In order to secure the investments of our clients and ourselves we have applied for a patent that is currently under process.
We bring to you the power of this technology and our specialized manpower to deliver measurable results.


Our proprietary platform combined with our specialized manpower puts us on a pedestal higher than the shops that depend on a single strength technology or manpower.

Our Processes

We bring together the perfect mix of IP legal expertise, cutting edge technology & IP enforcement expertise!!!

Our processes, largely controlled by the workflows built into MediaScan, are worked upon by analysts. Each of these analysts have been extensively trained in several aspects of Indian and international intellectual property law and practices. Their training curriculum also includes an in-depth training of internet search and MediaScan.
Further, our processes are lead by the oversight of IP legal experts and backed by our proprietary system MediaScan that has proven its worth over time.
Our competence in process and system design has resulted in us exceeding client expectations time and again.

Continuous Improvement

With a strong belief in the pursuit of perfection, we have dedicated an engineering team for constant improvements on the platform. Mostly evolutionary, these changes have enabled MediaScan to not only keep pace with the dynamicity of the internet but also improve speed and accuracy.

MarkScan in the News

Two people have been arrested by the MRA marg police with fake Nokia accesories worth over Rs. 12 lakh. The police said the businessmen dealing in mobile accesories had visited China...

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